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Singing Game

By santo_ruet · Limits 1s, 512 MB

Rifat and Shishir have decided to play a game. Rifat will sing a song which is a string of lowercase English letters and Shishir will have to answer some queries on that string.

In each query Rifat will give her 22 integers l,rl, r. Shishir will have to tell Rifat what will be the length of the substring starting from index ll to rr if each of the characters of the substring are repeated kk times. Here kk will be the index(1-based indexing) of the characters of the substring, if all the duplicate characters are removed from the substring.

For example, if the substring is “raaffi” then after removing the duplicate characters the substring will be “rafi”. So kk for letter ‘r’ will be 1, ‘a’ will be 2, ‘f’ will be 3 and ‘i’ will be 4. Hence the resulting string will be “raaaaffffffiiii”.


The first line contains two integers nn and qq (1n,q105)(1 \leq n ,q\leq 10^5)

The second line contains a string which contains nn lowercase English letters.

In the next qq lines there will be two integers ll and rr (1l,rn,lr)(1 \leq l,r \leq n, l \leq r)


For each query print the length of the substing obtained by Shishir.


8 3
1 3
3 6
5 8

In the first query, kk for letter ‘a’ will be 11 and kk for letter ‘r’ will be 22. So the final string will be “aarr”. Hence the output will be 44



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