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Sofdor Ali Got Mail!

By TarifEzaz · Limits 1s, 512 MB

Sofdor Ali, the greatest scientist of Bangladesh, has countless fans. But no one is as close to him as Grachen* ( see notes ). Grachen is only 3 years old, but she can already read and write. Grachen writes letter to Sofdor every week. Sometimes, she even creates sketches of Sofdor in her letter. She is a lovable character indeed!

Anyway, recently Grachen was browsing the internet and she found an interesting entry on Wikipedia. The entry is about Caesar cipher. Caesar cipher is an encryption technique that is used to change every character of the text with another character. A simple Caesar cipher would be to change every letter with a letter next to it. That means, changing A with B, B with C, C with D and so on. The last character Z is replaced with an A. If we use this encryption scheme, then the word “BLUE” can be written as “CMVF” and the word “ZEBRA” can be written as “AFCSB”.

So in short, a basic Caesar Cipher will replace each of the following letter in the first line with the corresponding letter in the second line:


After learning this technique, Grachen felt very excited and wrote a one sentence letter to Sofdor using the Caesar Cipher. Once Sofdor gets the letter, he opens it and got surprised with the text. The letter that Sofdor received says, “IJ TPGEPS BMJ”. Sofdor got very unsettled as he failed to figure out the meaning of this line.

Help Sofdor Ali by writing a simple program that would decode the message that Grachen has sent to Sofdor.


There is no input for this problem.


Output a single line, the original sentence that Grachen wrote for Sofdor. All the characters of Grachen’s original sentence must be in upper case letters. After the sentence, please print a newline character.

Grachen is not the original name of our character. We used this pseudonym because some people might find her real name hard to pronounce.



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