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Mitu had been using the password mitu1997qt on all her online accounts. And sure enough, her accounts got hacked. She has come crying to you. But you are merely a privacy enthusiast, not a hacker yourself to hack her accounts back. All you can do is suggest her a strong password, so that her new accounts do not get hacked.

By your definition, a strong password should be no lesser than 12 characters. And, for ease-of-use, passwords should not be longer than 24 characters. In a strong password, there should be at least 1 lowercase ASCII letter (a,b,..,z), at least 1 uppercase ASCII letter (A,B,..,Z), at least 2 ASCII digits (0,1,..,9) and at least 2 special characters from these six &!@._% ASCII special characters. There should be no other characters in the password, other than lowercase and uppercase ASCII letters, ASCII digits and the six mentioned ASCII special characters. There should definitely not be any spaces in the password.

For example, Mitu@1997 is not a strong password because the length is only 9 and there is only one special character. &strongpassword! is also not a strong password because there is no uppercase letter in there, nor any digits.

Will you please suggest Mitu a strong password?


There is no input for this problem.


Output a single line containing the password.

The password should be no lesser than 12 characters and no more than 24 characters. And the password must be strong as per the definition stated above.


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