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It's FIFA World Cup time, and everyone is excited to watch the final match between Argentina and France. Bob and his friends have decided to watch the match together in the auditorium of Daffodil International University, as more than five thousand people are expected to attend.

After an intense fight, Argentina has won the title of World Champion of FIFA 2022. Now it is time to return home. Bob and his friends want to go to Mirpur by DIU transport (bus) named SURJOMUKHI. Therefore, they need to purchase tickets from the ticket counter. Note that the counter sells tickets without consideration of the availability of seats.

They are NN friends including Bob. So they need at least NN tickets and also need to check if at least NN seats are available on the bus or not, before purchasing tickets.

Given the number of friends NN, the available number of tickets TT, and the total number of seats SS available on the bus, can you determine whether they can successfully travel to Mirpur or not?


Single line of the test case contains three integer N,N, TT and SS separated by space — indicating number of friends, available number of tickets, and total number of seats available, respectively.





Print “Yes” (without quotes) if they can travel successfully, otherwise print “No” (without quotes).


4 4 4
5 3 6

There are 5 friends and 3 tickets are available, along with 6 seats available on the bus,  as 3 tickets are not sufficient for 5 people that’s why they can’t travel.

5 6 6


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