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That's 1 Minute See You Tomorrow

By ihumaunkabir · Limits 1s, 512 MB

You may heard the name of Nas Daily, a Facebook page by a travel video blogger Nuseir Yassin. He creates 1-minute videos of people daily or about facts from various countries.

Nas takes many video clips and highlights the important thing of a clip. Nas takes N shots of L seconds length and from every video clip takes M seconds as the important part. Finally, Nas creates an exactly 1 minute long video merging the important parts from each video clip.


The first line of input contains two integer N (0 < N < 1000), denoting the number of shots and M (0 < M < 1000) seconds taken from every clip.

The next line contains N integers L1, L2, ..., LN (0 < Li < 1000), the length of clips.


Print "YES" (w/o quotes) if it is possible to make an 1 minute long video taking M seconds from every video clip. Otherwise print "NO".


3 20
30 30 30



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