The Boat Filled With Love

Programming Contest for F...
Limits 1s, 512 MB

You know a large part of our country is under water. The flood affected those areas immensely. Affected people are waiting for our help. We will hire a boat to reach them with relief. We need a banner written “We Love You. We 100 Are Here For You.” to catch their eyes and you have to do this lovely job.

Note that, here 100 is the value of NN and it has to be taken as an input. Now print that line with exact number of members of our team.


Input will contain a single integer NN (0<N<2310 < N < 2^{31}).


Output a single line containing the final sentence.


We Love You. We 100 Are Here For You.


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98% Solution Ratio
sakibalaminEarliest, Aug '17
aminulFastest, 0.0s
RedwanuzzamanLightest, 0 B
FahimSifnatulShortest, 50B
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