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The Crossover Everybody Asked For: Rise of the Thorn Villain Duckducula

By Dragneel · Limits 1s, 50 MB

After the crossing of some millennia the forever feared one has arisen. Inflicting fear, tormenting the heart – the very name of thy one is the expression of solidarity with curses of the Never Realm (the place where everything is taking place), Duckducula (not Count Duckula), has woken for the first time from his slumber. His powers were thought to be a myth and existence was considered history less story. The appearance of his thorns of eternal stigma was the introduction of terrifying times ahead.

Dire situations called for dire measurements that lead the current empress of Never Realm, Queen Blachitmutz Rusenjharch Tiffaltanios Natalgenia MMMMCCCXVIII, to invoke the Pact of Schinezmard. Thus, brings the crossover everybody asked for!!!!

Anime universes come together and start wrecking "hammock"! Superheroes were summoned from different anime universes through the pact. The great pact invoked Kurosaki Ichigo, Uzumaki Naruto, Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D.), Dragon’s Sin of Wrath Meliodas, Son Goku (Kakkarot), Monkey D. Luffy, Saitama, Kuzan, Wings of Despair Acnologia, Uchiha Madara and so on (Protagonist, Antagonist, Villain, side characters, all alike)!!!

The summoned parties took their own opinion and while great people took side of the Realm, there were people who sided with Duckducula. Then again there were some who considered the situation was too much of a pain and decided to lay it out. It was found that entities from 38 different anime verses were summoned and list of those animes are: here

The final battle is going to take place at Pit of Miasma in the Valley of Sorrengeti. As the fight is about to get started, lord Duckducula seems to be tensed. His Aura of Charchams has affected all the summons and also has deployed a legendary power known as Blessings of Argonaut. The blessing, bestowed upon which has a 96% probability of winning in the fight. The problem is, nobody knows when and who will be blessed by it.

So, Duckducula used his Plankhis Vision which allowed him to see probability of what sets of characters will probably take part in the fight and see which side is supposed to win. He also saw that without the presence of any anime verse in one side, it becomes defeated on the spot.

When the fight begins a Quote is heard from the sky. The length of that Quote is known as Khalrak. Duckducula could also see in his vision which anime verse characters will join in fight siding with whom. The largest prime number smaller or equal to Khalrak is known as Doubarchisas.

Codename Undoubtable, a secret spy of Never Realm, has managed to get the data of Plankhis Vision through risking his life and the Never Realm Empire now also has the data. Both sides want to see if they get the fighting chance to win in this war and both of them want to play optimally because the very existence of the realm is at stake in this fight.

The Argonaut has a high chance of being invoked in the side where the integer division of Doubarchisas by Yalamakh is higher. If the score is same, then Argonaut bestows upon Bell Cranel from Danmachi who is not even summoned to Never Realm.

You ask what is Yalamakh? Well, it is simple! Yalamakh is the number of anime verses in favor of the side.

Given a number of test cases, make a prediction whether the Realm be toppled or will the empire throttle!! A lot rests upon it.


First line of input contains an integer T, denoting number of test cases. 3T lines follow. ith,(i+1)thi^{th}, (i + 1)^{th} and (i+2)th(i + 2)^{th} line make up for one test case; where 0 ≤ i < T.

  1. The first line of test case contains an integer N, denoting the number of anime universes who are joining the fight in the Empire side and Duckducula side.
  2. The next line contains N space separated name of anime. Each anime name is enclosed in third bracket. If an anime name is anime_name then if the anime characters have joined empire, their name will be written as [anime_name] or if in Duckducula side it will be written as ]anime_name[ and obviously same anime can be in both the sides. You may see sample input for better understanding.
  3. The last line of a test case will contain some sentences in a single line, rather to say the Quote which will provide Khalrak.

The Constraints are:

  • 0 < T < 6
  • 0 < N < 77
  • 1 < Length of Quote < 10000000


For each test case first print “The Argonaut Shines Upon thy Who is for thy Worthy!!!!: ” without the quote in a new line.
After that, without quote

  • if Empire has high probability of winning, print “Never Realm Empire”
  • if Duckducula has high probability of winning, print “Thorn Villain Duckducula”
  • if both have same probability, print “Go find Kami Hestia Fast!!”

You may see sample output for better understanding.


[One Piece] [Bleach] [Naruto] ]The Darwin’s Game[ ]Fire Force[
The will of D. has not faded.
]Inuyasha[ ]Hunter x Hunter[ [Demon Slayer]
Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder.
The Argonaut Shines Upon thy Who is for thy Worthy!!!!: Thorn Villain Duckducula
The Argonaut Shines Upon thy Who is for thy Worthy!!!!: Never Realm Empire

For First Case:
The quote contains a total length of 29. There are three anime verse in side of the Realm while 2 anime verse in side with Duckducula.

For Second Case:
The quote contains a total length of 129. There are one anime verse in side of the Realm while 2 anime verse in side with Duckducula.



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