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Want Some Chocolates?

By Mr.adnan · Limits 1s, 512 MB

Zaeemah, a little girl, she loves Chocolate very much. Her uncle gave her 10 chocolates, and now he is trying to teach Zaeemah some maths! Here is a conversation between Zaeemah and her uncle.

Uncle: Zaeemah, You’ve 10 chocolates, right? If someone comes to you and asks for two chocolates, how much chocolates will you have?

Zaeemah looked at her hands and replied: 10!

Uncle said again: Suppose someone forced you and took 5 chocolates, Now what do you have?

Zaeemah looked at her uncle, smiled and said “10 chocolates and a dead body!”

Uncle became Frustrated and stopped the conversation! Now teach Zaeemah what should be the correct answer?


There is no input!


Output The correct answers of both question of Zaeemah’s uncle, separating by a white space.


  Input        Output

  There is no input   10 10

You just have to replace the correct answer with the sample output and submit.

Problem Setter: Arafat Duha



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