Weather Report

Limits 500ms, 128 MB

Santu is a newcomer in Rangpur. He is having trouble adjusting with the strange weather of Rangpur. He goes out for various tasks. But most of the time, it starts raining, and he has to come home drenched. He wants you to write a program for him to solve this problem. Given the probability of rain on a certain day, the program will report to Santu what the weather will be like on that day.


The input contains a single integer, a percentage, denoting the probability of rain on a certain day. The percentage will be between 0 to 100.


If the probability of rain on that certain day is 70% or higher, print "Bad weather." (without quotes), If it is 30% or less, print "Good weather." (without quotes). Otherwise, print "Confusing weather." (with quotes).


Good weather.
Bad weather.