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Weird Cake

By nahidhasan98 · Limits 1s, 512 MB

A sphere-shaped cake is cut down with two parallel planes which gives three pieces of cake. The height of the initial cake is H. And the height of two cutting planes (from bottom) are h2 & h1 respectively.

See the picture for more clarification:

You have to tell the volume of each of these three pieces of cake.


Input contains several test cases. Each test case contains three space-separated integers H (4 ≤ H ≤ 1000), h1 and h2 (H/2 ≤ h2 < h1 < H).


For each test case, print "X Y Z" in a single line without the quotation marks, where X Y Z are the volumes of the three pieces of cake in non-decreasing order. The answer is considered correct if the absolute error does not exceed 10- 4.


10 8 6
54.454273 129.852496 339.292007



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