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Mysterio, at the moment before his death he recorded a video on that video he revealed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. And he also mentioned that Peter Parker owns the Stark Technology and some controversial audio has gone viral. All the people of the city and media is accusing him for the murder of Mysterio. Matt Murdock, being a really good lawyer, proved that all the charges against Peter Parker are false. But there is still the court of public opinion, and they will decide later about the charges against him.

In the meantime, his girlfriend MJ, his friend Ned and he completed their college, and they have started applying for university. All the reputed universities rejected their application  because of Spider-Man’s recent controversy. After so many rejections they’ve finally got admitted to one so-called university named MIT, which is a private university. MIT has a trimester system, which means 3 semesters in 1 year, and a total of 12 semesters in 4 year to complete their graduation. Now they are struggling with the calculation of semester the cost of the university.

They’re currently in their first semester. Like everyone, you claim that you're Spider-Man's best friend. Also, Spider-Man believes that you’re his best friend and a really good programmer. Spider-Man asked for your help and for the sake of your friendship you agreed to help him. He will give you number of credits for the first semester, cost per credit, and other fees for that semester. You just have to write a program, to calculate the total cost of the semester.


The input contains three integers N, K, and X — denoting the number of credits, cost per credit and the other fees in the semester respectively.

1N201 \leq N \leq 20
1K1041 \leq K \leq 10^4
0X1040 \leq X \leq 10^4


Output a single integer, total cost of the semester.


10 5 10
12 5 0


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