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Which Century

Limits: 100ms, 256 MB

We all know that a century is a period of one hundred years. And we also know that from 1801 to 1900, these 100 years is in 19th century. From 1901 to 2000 it is in 20th century! Your task is really a simple one. Given a year, you have to tell us, in which century that year lies in.


First line will contain T (<=100), the number of test case. Each case will be followed by a single integer Y.

500 <= Y <= 2500.


For each case, output “Case #i: X century!” where i is the case number and X is the ordinal number of the corresponding century. See sample and explanation for better understanding.


Case #1: 19th century!
Case #2: 21st century!

Explanation Ordinal numbers are words representing position or rank in a sequential order such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd …. etc