Problems from 15th IIUC Inter University Programming Contest 2023

These problems are from a contest organized by International Islamic University Chittagong on September 23, 2023 at 3:15 AM UTC See details...

A. Fight Club
B. Eyegasmic Sequence
C. Discrete Logarithm
The discrete logarithm is an integer x satisfying the equation ax=b(modm) for given integers a, b an...
steinum Moderate 2/3/17
D. Integer for Ri
E. Stopper
Hasinur_ Moderate 4/7/14
F. Ikri and the array
RUHRUH Moderate 11/12/31
G. Moves like knight
H. Island Finder
You are given a grid representing a map of land and water, where each cell in the grid contains one ...
I. Not a Fun Game
J. Update
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