Carrot on a Stick
Given a list of numbers, print only the even numbers.
Hello Regexp
Write a regular expression that will match texts like “Hello {X}” and only output “{X}” (w/o quotes)...
Regexp Moderate 16/18/22
In Brackets
Given a line of text, you have to extract the bit of text enclosed within a pair of brackets. There ...
Regexp Very Hard 14/14/18
Odd Screams
You will be given a string with one or more a’s. You have to write a regular expression that matches...
Given two numbers, print the number only if both numbers are the same.
Regular Brackets
This problem is matching brackets, but with regular expression. Given a set of parenthesis, if they ...
Regexp Moderate 4/7/11
That One
In the input you will have an integer n (where n is 1, 2, or 3) followed by 3 words. You will have t...
Three Letter Words
Given a line of text find all the three-letter words.
Two Words
Given a line of text (space-separated words), find the first word that appears at least twice in the...
Vowels Bad, Consonants Good
You will be given a line of text. The text will contain space separated words. Identify all the word...
Regexp Moderate 7/7/11
Within the Span
You will be given a snippet of HTML. The HTML will have at most one <span> element. You will have to...
Regexp Moderate 10/11/12
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