3977punterByang and Kochuripan...Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.31.0s20 MBAccepted
3927punterByang and Kochuripan...Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.31.0s20 MBWrong Answer
3918punterByang and Kochuripan...Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.31.0s2.1 MBRuntime Error
3667punterByang's Day Out!Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.32.0s262 kBAccepted
3493punterByang's Day Out!Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.32.0s131 kBWrong Answer
3446punterByang Loves Byangett...Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.31.0s262 kBAccepted
3147punterByang Loves Byangett...Dec '15C++11 GCC 5.31.0s0 BWrong Answer
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