38868Md.Anik#HashtagJul '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
38837Md.AnikArithmetic Sequence...Jul '17C++14 GCC 5.30.5s131 kBAccepted
38811Md.AnikAn Arithmetic Proble...Jul '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
38810Md.AnikAn Arithmetic Proble...Jul '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBWrong Answer
37788Md.AnikEasy Prime!Jun '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s43 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
37460Md.AnikLeft PrimeJun '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s81 MBAccepted
37284Md.AnikLeft PrimeJun '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s81 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
37215Md.Anik#HashtagJun '17C GCC 5.30.0s131 kBAccepted
37205Md.AnikLeft PrimeJun '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s42 MBWrong Answer
37184Md.Anik#HashtagJun '17C++14 GCC 5.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
37183Md.AnikLeft PrimeJun '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s42 MBRuntime Error
37171Md.AnikLeft PrimeJun '17C++14 GCC 5.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
37035Md.Anik#HashtagJun '17C GCC 5.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
36785Md.AnikAlayna and StringsJun '17C GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
36755Md.AnikAlayna and VowelsJun '17C GCC 5.30.0s131 kBAccepted
36596Md.AnikAlayna and VowelsJun '17C++14 GCC 5.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
36581Md.AnikAlayna and StringsJun '17C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
36556Md.AnikAlayna's Adventure J...Jun '17C++14 GCC 5.30.0s131 kBAccepted
36512Md.AnikAlayna and VowelsJun '17C++98 GCC 5.31.0s5.2 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
36455Md.AnikAlayna and StringsJun '17C++98 GCC 5.31.0s9.2 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
36235Md.AnikByang and Kochuripan...Jun '17C++98 GCC 5.31.0s46 MBWrong Answer
36234Md.AnikByang and Kochuripan...Jun '17C++98 GCC 5.31.0s7.6 MBWrong Answer
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