523505shourov.sustRandom GraphsJun '20C++14 GCC 8.30.4s2.2 MBAccepted
464805shourov.sustPoga The War StopperMar '20C++14 GCC 8.31.6s8.7 MBWrong Answer
464804shourov.sustPoga The War StopperMar '20C++14 GCC 8.31.5s8.7 MBWrong Answer
464803shourov.sustPoga The War StopperMar '20C++14 GCC 8.31.3s8.7 MBWrong Answer
464802shourov.sustPoga The War StopperMar '20C++14 GCC 8.30.8s8.8 MBWrong Answer
464801shourov.sustPoga The War StopperMar '20C++14 GCC 8.31.7s8.8 MBWrong Answer
367918shourov.sustStephen, Bob, and To...Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.7s54 MBAccepted
228068shourov.sustCopycatApr '19C++11 GCC 5.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
228067shourov.sustCopycatApr '19C++11 GCC 5.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
202651shourov.sustGroup_Of_Extraordina...Feb '19C++14 GCC 5.37.0s31 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
191734shourov.sustDatta's DilemmaDec '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s325 MBAccepted
191722shourov.sustNested PalindromesDec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.1s918 kBAccepted
191721shourov.sustDatta's DilemmaDec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.7s512 MBMemory Limit Exceeded
191337shourov.sustLIAS 2Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.5s25 MBAccepted
191296shourov.sustRepeating UnitsDec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.0s131 kBAccepted
190800shourov.sustJust Another Range Q...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s40 MBAccepted
190786shourov.sustJust Another Range Q...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s29 MBWrong Answer
190779shourov.sustJust Another Range Q...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s29 MBWrong Answer
190778shourov.sustJust Another Range Q...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.1s29 MBWrong Answer
190777shourov.sustJust Another Range Q...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s29 MBWrong Answer
190696shourov.sustBangladesh Has Got T...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.7s3.0 MBAccepted
190695shourov.sustBangladesh Has Got T...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.9s3.0 MBAccepted
190657shourov.sustBangladesh Has Got T...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.7s1.7 MBWrong Answer
190451shourov.sustValue Assignment Pro...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.1s23 MBAccepted
190450shourov.sustValue Assignment Pro...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.32.0s2.8 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
190448shourov.sustValue Assignment Pro...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.0s2.8 MBWrong Answer
190186shourov.sustItachi's ChallengeDec '18C++11 GCC 5.30.0s131 kBWrong Answer
190159shourov.sustPias and His Infinit...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.1s22 MBAccepted
190132shourov.sustSet, Intersection an...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.3s31 MBAccepted
190113shourov.sustSet, Intersection an...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.3s30 MBWrong Answer
190112shourov.sustSet, Intersection an...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s30 MBWrong Answer
190088shourov.sustSet, Intersection an...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s30 MBWrong Answer
190069shourov.sustSet, Intersection an...Dec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.2s30 MBWrong Answer
189983shourov.sustItachi's ChallengeDec '18C++14 GCC 5.30.5s6.2 MBAccepted
136724shourov.sustGiftedJul '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s114 MBAccepted
136698shourov.sustGiftedJul '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s227 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
136691shourov.sustGiftedJul '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s260 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
136683shourov.sustGiftedJul '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s260 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
136602shourov.sustBiswa and BorhaniJul '18C++14 GCC 5.33.0s393 kBAccepted
136540shourov.sustBiswa and BorhaniJul '18C++14 GCC 5.33.0s393 kBWrong Answer
136499shourov.sustSimple PyramidJul '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
136398shourov.sustCoin TossJul '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s1.4 MBAccepted
136369shourov.sustConcatenation of Per...Jul '18C++14 GCC 5.32.0s524 kBAccepted
114306shourov.sustMr. Tom and Relief G...Mar '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBWrong Answer
114228shourov.sustMr. Tom and Relief G...Mar '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBWrong Answer
113713shourov.sustBooks For War Victim...Mar '18C++14 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
113661shourov.sustEasy MathMar '18C++14 GCC 5.32.0s131 kBWrong Answer
103208shourov.sustSofiaJan '18C++11 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
103175shourov.sustWhich CenturyJan '18C++11 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBAccepted
103170shourov.sustWhich CenturyJan '18C++11 GCC 5.31.0s131 kBWrong Answer
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