735545Aritra15In Queue3w agoC++17 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBWrong Answer
734396Aritra15Easy Sequence 11M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBRuntime Error
734395Aritra15That's 1 Minute See...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
734394Aritra15That's 1 Minute See...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.5 MBWrong Answer
733412Aritra15Equation Equals Haza...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
733409Aritra15Equation Equals Haza...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
733398Aritra15Equation Equals Haza...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
732715Aritra15Odd or Even1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
728591Aritra15Issue'r Desh1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
728575Aritra15Issue'r Desh1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.5 MBWrong Answer
728515Aritra15Super Bad Sum1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
728511Aritra15Super Bad Sum1M agoPython 3.82.0s4.6 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
728503Aritra15Diagonal Sum1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.5 MBRuntime Error
727611Aritra15Huge Number1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
727609Aritra15Weather Report1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
726642Aritra15Palindromic CSEmpur1M agoPython 3.81.0s4.6 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
726601Aritra15GCD Plus LCM1M agoC++17 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBRuntime Error
726599Aritra15GCD Plus LCM1M agoC++17 GCC 9.20.0s176 kBRuntime Error
726598Aritra15GCD Plus LCM1M agoPython 3.81.0s8.9 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
726481Aritra15Tidy Bits1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
726435Aritra15Genius Needs Help1M agoPython 3.81.0s11 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
726299Aritra15Hello Choto Bondhu!1M agoPython 3.80.1s6.3 MBAccepted
726296Aritra15Hello Choto Bondhu!1M agoPython 3.81.0s4.8 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
726295Aritra15Boltu vs Balti1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
726291Aritra15Boltu vs Balti1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
726290Aritra15Boltu vs Balti1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.5 MBWrong Answer
726106Aritra15Shiku Gets Lucky1M agoPython 3.80.0s5.5 MBAccepted
726061Aritra15Shiku Being Shiku1M agoPython 3.80.1s4.6 MBAccepted
726057Aritra15An Arithmetic Proble...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
726055Aritra15LU_CONTESTANTS1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
726050Aritra15LU_CONTESTANTS1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
725972Aritra15Game of Sticks1M agoPython 3.80.6s22 MBAccepted
725967Aritra15Game of Sticks1M agoPython 3.80.6s5.3 MBWrong Answer
725964Aritra15Lui and Dengue1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725962Aritra15N-th Prime1M agoPython 3.81.0s4.6 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
725961Aritra15Prime Team1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725957Aritra15Prime Team1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
725956Aritra15Prime Team1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
725952Aritra15Prime Team1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.5 MBWrong Answer
725928Aritra15Maximum Multiplicati...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725925Aritra15Two's Company, Three...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.5 MBWrong Answer
725921Aritra15Who Ate the Pizza Sl...1M agoPython 3.81.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725912Aritra15K-String1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
725909Aritra15Prime Range1M agoPython 3.82.0s4.6 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
725823Aritra15Reconstruction of Du...1M agoPython 3.80.1s4.6 MBWrong Answer
725786Aritra15Corona Virus Attacke...1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
725773Aritra15Groot's Mission1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725771Aritra15The Great Game1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725769Aritra15Nearest Co-Prime1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
725767Aritra15Nearest Co-Prime1M agoPython 3.80.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
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