345139jahid_BAPGAlayna and VowelsOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
345137jahid_BAPGAlayna and VowelsOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
345134jahid_BAPGEasy Sequence 2Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BWrong Answer
345131jahid_BAPGDengue Affected Area...Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
345128jahid_BAPGOh No! Classes!Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s4.1 MBAccepted
345125jahid_BAPGI Did Not Do the Ass...Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BWrong Answer
345121jahid_BAPGGenius Needs HelpOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.1s10 MBAccepted
345117jahid_BAPGCorrect the SieveOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.2s30 MBAccepted
345111jahid_BAPGAnother Query on Str...Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BWrong Answer
345108jahid_BAPGItachi's ChallengeOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.1s6.2 MBAccepted
345102jahid_BAPGEasy Prime!Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.7s524 kBAccepted
345077jahid_BAPGGoat ResearchOct '19Python 2.70.0s2.9 MBRuntime Error
345074jahid_BAPGGoat ResearchOct '19Python 2.70.0s2.8 MBRuntime Error
345067jahid_BAPGFormatted NumbersOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
345061jahid_BAPGLeap YearsOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
345052jahid_BAPGGoat ResearchOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BWrong Answer
345047jahid_BAPGGoat ResearchOct '19Python 2.70.0s2.9 MBRuntime Error
345035jahid_BAPGRio and InversionOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.5s240 MBAccepted
345025jahid_BAPGEasy Peasy Subset Su...Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s918 kBAccepted
345012jahid_BAPGMagician's Offer!Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.6s2.2 MBAccepted
345000jahid_BAPGDemonic SubsetOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.7s24 MBAccepted
344973jahid_BAPGReverse ManOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
344972jahid_BAPGReverse ManOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
344970jahid_BAPGReverse ManOct '19C++17 GCC 9.20.0s0 BCompilation Error
344967jahid_BAPGFormatted NumbersOct '19C++17 GCC 9.20.0s0 BWrong Answer
344940jahid_BAPGN-th PrimeOct '19C++17 GCC 9.20.1s7.5 MBAccepted
344934jahid_BAPGGoat ResearchOct '19Python 2.70.0s2.8 MBRuntime Error
344932jahid_BAPGGoat ResearchOct '19Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBRuntime Error
344929jahid_BAPGMatching BracketsOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s131 kBAccepted
344928jahid_BAPGTest CasesOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
344926jahid_BAPGTest CasesOct '19Python 2.70.0s2.8 MBRuntime Error
344924jahid_BAPGTest CasesOct '19Python 3.70.0s4.7 MBWrong Answer
344922jahid_BAPGNeat BracketsOct '19Python 3.70.1s4.8 MBAccepted
344915jahid_BAPGASCII Progress BarOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BAccepted
344908jahid_BAPGFull PyramidOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BAccepted
344898jahid_BAPGSet UnionOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BAccepted
344895jahid_BAPGMaking FriendsOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s131 kBAccepted
344894jahid_BAPGMaking FriendsOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s131 kBAccepted
344891jahid_BAPGClock MathOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BAccepted
344887jahid_BAPGFormatted NumbersOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
344885jahid_BAPGFormatted NumbersOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BWrong Answer
344883jahid_BAPGFormatted NumbersOct '19C# Mono 6.00.0s0 BCompilation Error
344881jahid_BAPGFormatted NumbersOct '19C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BWrong Answer
344874jahid_BAPGRunning AverageOct '19C11 GCC 9.20.0s0 BAccepted
341504jahid_BAPGBe Like HasibOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BAccepted
341502jahid_BAPGAn Obvious Interacti...Oct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BAccepted
341499jahid_BAPGArya’s CountingOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.1s1.4 MBAccepted
341497jahid_BAPGReverse ManOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
341496jahid_BAPGReverse ManOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error
341494jahid_BAPGReverse ManOct '19C++14 GCC 8.30.0s0 BCompilation Error