704584Nymur_RezaLeap Years7M agoC11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBAccepted
704583Nymur_RezaLeap Years7M agoC11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBWrong Answer
704574Nymur_RezaLeap Years7M agoC11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBWrong Answer
704573Nymur_RezaLeap Years7M agoC11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBWrong Answer
704571Nymur_RezaAdd Them Up7M agoC11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBAccepted
704568Nymur_RezaCopycat7M agoC11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBAccepted
326510Nymur_RezaAdd Them UpSep '19Python 3.70.0s4.7 MBRuntime Error
325233Nymur_RezaExponential GrowthSep '19Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBRuntime Error
325227Nymur_RezaExponential GrowthSep '19Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBRuntime Error
324845Nymur_RezaThat's 1 Minute See...Sep '19C11 GCC 9.20.0s0 BWrong Answer
324760Nymur_RezaExponential GrowthSep '19C11 GCC 9.21.0s131 kBCPU Limit Exceeded
324152Nymur_RezaExponential GrowthSep '19C11 GCC 9.20.0s0 BWrong Answer
323449Nymur_RezaDivisorsSep '19C11 GCC 9.20.0s0 BAccepted
323448Nymur_RezaMaking FriendsSep '19C11 GCC 9.20.0s131 kBAccepted
315643Nymur_RezaMissing NumberSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
315641Nymur_RezaPie Are SquaredSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
314989Nymur_RezaPie Are SquaredSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BWrong Answer
314986Nymur_RezaPie Are SquaredSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BWrong Answer
314887Nymur_RezaIs PrimeSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
314878Nymur_RezaMath and WatermelonsSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
314874Nymur_RezaAdd Them UpSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
314873Nymur_RezaMissing NumberSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
314872Nymur_RezaSquaredSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
314871Nymur_RezaCopycatSep '19C GCC 5.30.0s0 BAccepted
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