454279Mitra22Is AnagramMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
454259Mitra22N-th PrimeMar '20Java 1.81.0s12 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
454258Mitra22N-th PrimeMar '20Java 1.81.0s12 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
454255Mitra22N-th PrimeMar '20Java 1.81.0s12 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
454254Mitra22N-th PrimeMar '20Java 1.81.0s12 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
452660Mitra22Little Matrix Multip...Mar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452650Mitra22Little Matrix Multip...Mar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452629Mitra22Little Subarray SumMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
452605Mitra22Proper Leap YearsMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
452604Mitra22Proper Leap YearsMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452599Mitra22Thought GameMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452309Mitra22Fair DistributionMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452301Mitra22Fair DistributionMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452286Mitra22Fair DistributionMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452275Mitra22Fair DistributionMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
452239Mitra22BPL Mubarak!Mar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
452204Mitra22BPL Mubarak!Mar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
447492Mitra22Better PasswordsMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
447337Mitra22Decent ArraysMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
445569Mitra22Decent ArraysMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
445568Mitra22Decent ArraysMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
445518Mitra22Byang's AdditionsMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
442550Mitra22Leap YearsFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
442544Mitra22Fibonacci NumbersFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
442539Mitra22Is PrimeFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
441476Mitra22Making FriendsFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
441462Mitra22DivisorsFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
441441Mitra22Is PalindromeFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
441225Mitra22Formatted NumbersFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
441224Mitra22Formatted NumbersFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
440787Mitra22Formatted NumbersFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
440768Mitra22Math and WatermelonsFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
440765Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s118 MBAccepted
440764Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s123 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
440763Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s116 MBAccepted
440762Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s117 MBAccepted
440761Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s116 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
440760Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s122 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
440759Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s116 MBAccepted
440757Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
440756Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
440755Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
440754Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.81.0s117 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
440753Mitra22Running Average Agai...Feb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBWrong Answer
440752Mitra22Running AverageFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
440732Mitra22Mixed FractionsFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
440730Mitra22MaximumFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
440725Mitra22Missing NumberFeb '20Java 1.80.2s12 MBAccepted
440723Mitra22Pie Are SquaredFeb '20Java 1.80.1s14 MBAccepted
440720Mitra22SquaredFeb '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
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