611742AlimusSifarCode at the Time of...Oct '20Python 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
611731AlimusSifarMaking FriendsOct '20Python 3.70.1s4.6 MBAccepted
610966AlimusSifarLeft PrimeOct '20Java 1.81.0s37 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
610962AlimusSifarLeft PrimeOct '20Java 1.81.0s37 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
609879AlimusSifarBPL Mubarak!Oct '20Python 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
609875AlimusSifarBPL Mubarak!Oct '20Python 3.80.0s4.6 MBRuntime Error
609855AlimusSifarIs AnagramOct '20Python 3.80.0s4.6 MBAccepted
562276AlimusSifarNot As Hard As It Se...Jul '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
562265AlimusSifarNot As Hard As It Se...Jul '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
562262AlimusSifarNot As Hard As It Se...Jul '20Python 3.70.1s4.6 MBRuntime Error
562260AlimusSifarNot As Hard As It Se...Jul '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBRuntime Error
513353AlimusSifarSet UnionMay '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBWrong Answer
497874AlimusSifarIs It a Perfect Squa...May '20Python 3.70.8s12 MBRuntime Error
497873AlimusSifarLeft PrimeMay '20Python 3.71.0s4.7 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
497806AlimusSifarIs It a Perfect Squa...May '20Python 3.70.8s12 MBRuntime Error
497155AlimusSifarBoys in the AssemblyMay '20Python 3.70.1s90 MBAccepted
496534AlimusSifarAloyna and Can Buyin...Apr '20Python 3.70.0s4.7 MBAccepted
496531AlimusSifarCircle of BoltuApr '20Python 3.70.0s4.7 MBAccepted
496382AlimusSifarPythagoras RocksApr '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
496255AlimusSifarMatching BracketsApr '20Python 3.70.1s4.6 MBAccepted
495773AlimusSifarLife of DecimalsApr '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
495763AlimusSifarThe Haunted HouseApr '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBAccepted
495678AlimusSifarMysterious SumApr '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBAccepted
492985AlimusSifarArya’s CountingApr '20Python 3.70.4s5.8 MBAccepted
492930AlimusSifarArya’s CountingApr '20Python 3.70.4s5.9 MBWrong Answer
492924AlimusSifarArya’s CountingApr '20Python 3.70.4s5.8 MBWrong Answer
492898AlimusSifarI Did Not Do the Ass...Apr '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
492843AlimusSifarAlayna and StringsApr '20PyPy 7.1 (3.6)0.1s28 MBAccepted
492839AlimusSifarAlice and the Chessb...Apr '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBAccepted
491973AlimusSifarAlayna and StringsApr '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
491659AlimusSifarSofdor Ali's Magical...Apr '20Python 3.70.4s6.4 MBAccepted
491657AlimusSifarSofdor Ali's Magical...Apr '20Python 3.71.0s5.4 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
491636AlimusSifarSofdor Ali Got Mail!Apr '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBAccepted
491633AlimusSifarSofdor Ali Got Mail!Apr '20Java 1.80.0s0 BCompilation Error
491627AlimusSifarSofdor Ali Got Mail!Apr '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBWrong Answer
491625AlimusSifarSofdor Ali Got Mail!Apr '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBWrong Answer
491245AlimusSifarCGPA, the Golden Egg...Apr '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
491241AlimusSifarCGPA, the Golden Egg...Apr '20Python 3.70.0s4.8 MBWrong Answer
470132AlimusSifarGeometry ForeverMar '20PyPy 7.1 (3.6)0.1s28 MBWrong Answer
470106AlimusSifarGPA CalculatorMar '20Python 3.70.0s4.6 MBAccepted
466559AlimusSifarLeap YearsMar '20Python 3.70.0s4.7 MBWrong Answer
466558AlimusSifarProper Leap YearsMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.6 MBWrong Answer
463282AlimusSifarClock MathMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
463273AlimusSifarClock MathMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.6 MBAccepted
462494AlimusSifarFull PyramidMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
462097AlimusSifarIs PalindromeMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.8 MBAccepted
461980AlimusSifarFormatted NumbersMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.7 MBAccepted
461613AlimusSifarFormatted NumbersMar '20Python 3.70.0s4.7 MBWrong Answer
461491AlimusSifarMath and WatermelonsMar '20Python 3.70.1s4.8 MBAccepted
461476AlimusSifarMath and WatermelonsMar '20PyPy 7.1 (3.6)0.1s28 MBAccepted
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