457396afrin1930Little CoronaMar '20Java 1.80.3s42 MBAccepted
456774afrin1930Missing NumberMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBRuntime Error
456727afrin1930Pie Are SquaredMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
456722afrin1930Add Them UpMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
456721afrin1930SquaredMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
456719afrin1930CopycatMar '20Java 1.80.2s12 MBAccepted
456493afrin1930Game of FifteenMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
456048afrin1930Mixed FractionsMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
456031afrin1930Add Them UpMar '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
456020afrin1930Add Them UpMar '20Bash 5.00.0s762 kBRuntime Error
456010afrin1930Add Them UpMar '20Bash 5.00.0s913 kBRuntime Error
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