481483smfahimfaisalFour Wheel FunApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BWrong Answer
481413smfahimfaisalJenia's HomeworkApr '20Python 3.70.0s2.3 MBAccepted
481405smfahimfaisalJenia's HomeworkApr '20Java 1.80.0s0 BCompilation Error
481399smfahimfaisalJenia's HomeworkApr '20Java 1.80.0s0 BCompilation Error
481203smfahimfaisalJenia's HomeworkApr '20Java 1.80.1s5.1 MBRuntime Error
481054smfahimfaisalQuarantine!!!Apr '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBPassed
481051smfahimfaisalQuarantine!!!Apr '20Java 1.80.0s0 BCompilation Error
480980smfahimfaisalWho is The Naag King...Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.8s131 kBWrong Answer
480976smfahimfaisalWho is The Naag King...Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.8s135 kBWrong Answer
480775smfahimfaisalLittle Subarray SumApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
480737smfahimfaisalWho is The Naag King...Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.8s131 kBWrong Answer
480721smfahimfaisalWho is The Naag King...Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BCompilation Error
480704smfahimfaisalGame of FifteenApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
480685smfahimfaisalIs It a Perfect Squa...Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.8s131 kBAccepted
480684smfahimfaisalIs It a Perfect Squa...Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BCompilation Error
480673smfahimfaisalA Big ConfusionApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
480635smfahimfaisalBPL Mubarak!Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
480621smfahimfaisalBPL Mubarak!Apr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BWrong Answer
480570smfahimfaisalDecent ArraysApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
480564smfahimfaisalDecent ArraysApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
480533smfahimfaisalSquaredApr '20C++11 GCC 7.40.0s0 BAccepted
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