640525sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640519sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640511sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640498sakt_coderSpam Me Not9M agoJava 1.80.4s64 MBAccepted
640487sakt_coderSpam Me Not9M agoJava 1.80.4s65 MBWrong Answer
640438sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640434sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640423sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640403sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
640384sakt_coderJustified Text9M agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
640229sakt_coderForgotten Pin Code9M agoJava 1.80.1s11 MBAccepted
640178sakt_coderBigNumSum9M agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBAccepted
602122sakt_coderEP-PalindromesSep '20Java 1.81.3s377 MBAccepted
602103sakt_coderEP-PalindromesSep '20Java 1.82.0s510 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
602091sakt_coderEP-PalindromesSep '20Java 1.80.7s140 MBWrong Answer
602082sakt_coderEP-PalindromesSep '20Java 1.80.7s83 MBWrong Answer
601510sakt_coderTaofiq the House Pre...Sep '20Java 1.80.4s103 MBAccepted
601488sakt_coderTaofiq the House Pre...Sep '20Java 1.80.0s5.3 MBWrong Answer
601401sakt_coderAssignment Assignmen...Sep '20Java 1.80.3s73 MBAccepted
590740sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.2s60 MBWrong Answer
590497sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.0s52 MBRuntime Error
590465sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.1s51 MBRuntime Error
590402sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.1s54 MBRuntime Error
590363sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
590169sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBWrong Answer
589949sakt_coderI Hate Long Descript...Aug '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBWrong Answer
589771sakt_coderSudden Tour!Aug '20Java 1.80.2s28 MBAccepted
589719sakt_coderICPC World FinalAug '20Java 1.80.8s189 MBAccepted
589683sakt_coderICPC World FinalAug '20Java 1.80.0s16 MBWrong Answer
589002sakt_coderSudden Tour!Aug '20Java 1.80.0s15 MBWrong Answer
588964sakt_coderSudden Tour!Aug '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBWrong Answer
588741sakt_coderThe Wonder Equation...Aug '20Java 1.80.0s11 MBAccepted
588688sakt_coderJan or JamiAug '20Java 1.80.1s12 MBAccepted
588471sakt_coderThe Wonder Equation...Aug '20Java 1.80.1s11 MBWrong Answer
587494sakt_coderLove for MicrosoftAug '20Java 1.80.0s10 MBAccepted
587245sakt_coderAlphabets PuzzleAug '20Java 1.80.0s11 MBAccepted
524157sakt_coderBrain TeaserJun '20Java 1.85.0s314 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
524150sakt_coderBrain TeaserJun '20Java 1.85.0s605 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
524099sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s148 MBRuntime Error
524097sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s148 MBRuntime Error
524093sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s149 MBRuntime Error
524089sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s147 MBWrong Answer
524088sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.5s148 MBWrong Answer
524086sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.7s148 MBRuntime Error
524068sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.5s148 MBRuntime Error
524064sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s148 MBRuntime Error
524031sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.5s148 MBRuntime Error
524015sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s357 MBRuntime Error
524008sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.6s148 MBRuntime Error
523991sakt_coderLiar Ekka?Jun '20Java 1.80.5s147 MBRuntime Error
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