7944337M agofextivityWireless SignalC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.1s9.3 MB
7944137M agofextivityLand of RichesC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.1s11 MB
7943967M agofextivityThe MatrixC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.0s131 kB
7943857M agofextivityReverse HashC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.2s1.2 MB
7793579M agofextivityHashingC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.5s84 MB
7791689M agofextivityThis Is BusinessC++17 GCC 9.2Wrong answer on test 20.0s131 kB
7791309M agofextivityLocality-Sensitive H...C++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.0s393 kB
686280Apr '21fextivityContest AreaC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.2s20 MB
686127Apr '21fextivityAnne's DiaryC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.0s131 kB
686119Apr '21fextivityAnne's DiaryC++17 GCC 9.2Wrong answer on test 30.0s262 kB
686057Apr '21fextivityCity of LightsC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.0s131 kB
686043Apr '21fextivityHeights of the TreesC++17 GCC 9.2Accepted0.3s22 MB
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