705691Cizin1Longest Peak6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBAccepted
705687Cizin1Longest Peak6d agoJava 1.80.0s0 BCompilation Error
705644Cizin1Find Direction6d agoJava 1.80.0s22 MBAccepted
705628Cizin1Find Direction6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
705433Cizin1Coffee Shop6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBAccepted
705415Cizin1Coffee Shop6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
705392Cizin1Coffee Shop6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
705379Cizin1Coffee Shop6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
705330Cizin1Coffee Shop6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBWrong Answer
705292Cizin1The Great War6d agoJava 1.80.0s11 MBAccepted
704839Cizin1Jini and the One6d agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBAccepted
704836Cizin1Jini and the One6d agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBAccepted
704596Cizin1Ice-cream of Montu M...1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBAccepted
704516Cizin1Life of Decimals1w agoJava 1.80.1s10 MBAccepted
704513Cizin1Life of Decimals1w agoJava 1.80.0s10 MBWrong Answer
704465Cizin1Compressed String1w agoJava 1.80.1s17 MBAccepted
704455Cizin1Compressed String1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBWrong Answer
704428Cizin1Byang's Day Out!1w agoJava 1.81.6s64 MBAccepted
704426Cizin1Byang's Day Out!1w agoJava 1.81.9s64 MBWrong Answer
704423Cizin1Byang's Day Out!1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBWrong Answer
703632Cizin1N-th Prime1w agoJava 1.80.8s222 MBAccepted
703625Cizin1N-th Prime1w agoJava 1.80.1s12 MBRuntime Error
703623Cizin1N-th Prime1w agoJava 1.80.1s13 MBRuntime Error
703170Cizin1Thought Game1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBAccepted
703160Cizin1Neat Brackets1w agoJava 1.80.1s10 MBAccepted
703154Cizin1Neat Brackets1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.7 MBWrong Answer
703151Cizin1Neat Brackets1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.7 MBWrong Answer
703145Cizin1Neat Brackets1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.7 MBWrong Answer
703124Cizin1Neat Brackets1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBRuntime Error
703119Cizin1Set Union1w agoJava 1.80.1s10 MBAccepted
703109Cizin1Set Union1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBWrong Answer
703088Cizin1Tidy Bits1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBAccepted
703086Cizin1Tidy Bits1w agoJava 1.80.0s0 BCompilation Error
703039Cizin1Pascal's Triangle1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.9 MBAccepted
703038Cizin1Pascal's Triangle1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBWrong Answer
703013Cizin1Making Friends1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.9 MBAccepted
703012Cizin1Making Friends1w agoJava 1.81.0s9.8 MBCPU Limit Exceeded
703005Cizin1Math and Watermelons1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBAccepted
702982Cizin1Running Average Agai...1w agoJava 1.80.6s54 MBAccepted
702977Cizin1Running Average1w agoJava 1.80.1s10 MBAccepted
702952Cizin1Mixed Fractions1w agoJava 1.80.1s10 MBAccepted
702938Cizin1Maximum1w agoJava 1.80.1s10 MBAccepted
702930Cizin1Missing Number1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBAccepted
702926Cizin1Squared1w agoJava 1.80.1s9.8 MBAccepted
702923Cizin1Goat Research1w agoJava 1.80.1s16 MBAccepted
702920Cizin1Goat Research1w agoBash 5.00.0s459 kBRuntime Error
702903Cizin1Goat Research1w agoJava 1.80.1s16 MBWrong Answer
702901Cizin1Goat Research1w agoJava 1.80.1s16 MBWrong Answer
702458Cizin1Caesar Cipher1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBAccepted
702457Cizin1Caesar Cipher1w agoJava 1.80.0s9.8 MBWrong Answer