Rating History




Rash29 solved Colorful Friendship.
Aug '19
Rash29 participated in #HelpFloodVictims Programming Contest 2019.
Aug '19
Rash29 participated in The Tough Winter Spar, 2018.
Dec '18
Rash29 solved Aaj Kemon Bodh Korcho.
Sep '17
Rash29 solved Platform Confusion.
Sep '17
Rash29 participated in A Tribute to Dennis Ritchie Contest.
Sep '17
Rash29 solved Meena Meets The Marauders.
Aug '17
Rash29 solved Meena Has Three Wishes.
Aug '17
Rash29 solved A Girl's Story.
Aug '17
Rash29 participated in Replay of Battle of Brains, 2017.
Aug '17
Rash29 solved #Hashtag.
Jul '17
Rash29 participated in BUET CSE Day 2016 Programming Contest (Replay).
Nov '16
Rash29 joined Toph!
Dec '15
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