Activities solved The Wonder Equation 2.
Aug '20 solved Sudden Tour!.
Aug '20 solved Love for Microsoft.
Aug '20 solved Alphabets Puzzle.
Aug '20 participated in SELISE Coding Challenge 2020.
Aug '20 solved Video Game.
Jan '20 solved K-Th Root.
Jan '20 solved Game of Boxes.
Jan '20 participated in Replay of Ada Lovelace National Girls' Programming Contest 2020.
Jan '20 solved Messy Table.
Dec '19 solved Ada Lovelace.
Nov '19 participated in Replay of National Girls' Programming Contest 2019.
Nov '19 solved Matching Brackets.
Oct '19 solved Scholarship.
Oct '19 solved Goat Research.
Oct '19 solved Mines.
Oct '19 solved N-th Prime.
Oct '19 solved Irregular Is Tough, Regular Is Easy!.
Oct '19 solved Cook a Dish.
Oct '19 solved String Factory.
Oct '19
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