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Problems by mdvirus

Bees Know Geometry!

A bee farmer was looking for a plank for a group of bees to live on. While searching, he found a woo...

Bowler of the Match

The ICC or the International Cricket Council is the highest regulator of the game of cricket. ICC ha...

Incorrect Is Incorrect

This is a straightforward problem. You will be given an incorrect mathematical sum expression like A...

Problem in the Printer

Shamim bought a second-hand printer. However, there was a fault in that printer. The printer is prin...

Rename the Books

Everything is short in the Short Land. People use short words when talking to each other or writing ...

Shimanto's Parallelogram

Shimanto loves to draw parallelograms. His parallelogram drawing's length is 10 units and width ...

Tower of Sticks

You may have played the game The Tower of Hanoi. The game contains three towers. You've to place...

Trap of Thanos

Abdullah, Biswas and Cijsan all have been in big trouble. They are invited into a dying game by Than...

Water Bottle Buying

Toukir is new in Dhaka and he just arrived today. He got a chance to study at Notre Dame College. Af...

Weather Report

Santu is a newcomer in Rangpur. He is having trouble adjusting with the strange weather of Rangpur. ...